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New materials

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The development of innovative materials has largely contributed to the fame of the department of physics since it was created in the early seventies.

These new materials generally present surfaces or interfaces which give them original properties.

The PMR has developed a great expertise in the field of all types of thin film deposition (metallic, semiconductor, oxides, polymers, and biomolecules) by different physic-chemical techniques: sputtering, evaporation, epitaxy by molecular beam or low pressure cold plasma.

Carbon nanotubesThese new materials are very often nanomaterials, with dominant or quantic interface effects because of the nanometric scale of created objects.  These effects give unique properties to materials.  For example, these nanomaterials are nanoparticles (TiO2 …), functionalized carbon nanotubes, nanocomposites combining two types of nanoparticles (carbon nanotubes and metal), bioinspired materials, etc.

The development of new materials at the PMR is regularly done in partnership with Walloon industries, thanks to the “Marshall plan”.